My Story

I’ve taken millions of pictures over the last 30 years, and I’ve been in the wedding business since 2010, photographing more than 100 weddings. Voted “Best Local Photographer” by the readers of State College Magazine, my fine art and campus photos adorn the walls of thousands of homes and businesses. I have the experience you need for your special day.


While I’ve worked in almost every genre, I tend to think like a photojournalist. That is, pictures trigger memories. They capture the feelings of the moment. I tend to observe and photograph those things that are real, so the feelings are real. Cameras do lie, and imposing an artistic vision on your wedding day is not my goal, rather, I document your day as it actually happened. I see the small things, the details, but also the larger picture. I focus on people, but also the architecture, the surroundings, everything that makes your venue special. The photos are genuine, so the feelings are genuine. There’s enough emotion and beauty at a wedding that it’s really not necessary to fake it 😉

I am a current member of the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and I am fully insured.

Let’s talk!

We can meet in my studio, Zoom, phone, or through email. Whatever works best for you…